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Will I be selling your house soon?

So far I have found a new owner or occupant for every property in my real estate portfolio and I am quite proud of that. The fact that satisfied customers warmly recommend ImmoWonen to others also gives me great pleasure. After all, customer satisfaction is one of my main priorities.

If you are about to sell your house and you’re looking for a reliable, professional real estate agent to assist you in that sale, then you can expect me to support you by giving:

Selling a house isn't something you do every day. Incidentally, you're not just selling a property, you're selling your house and your home. I understand that feeling all too well. That's why I make time for you. Not just for the practical matters we need to deal with, but simply for a good chat.

Preferably, I will not just visit once, but several times. That's how I, too, can become familiar with your home. By empathising, I can get my head around all the practical benefits, which then allows me to communicate them clearly and truthfully to prospective buyers. You will remain closely involved in the entire sales process. I will keep you permanently informed of any progress and we will make every important decision together.

This is because I consciously choose to focus my working area on the Leuven region and its surroundings, which means I know the local real estate market and its current market values through and through.

I will put together a complete file including various legal documents, such as the soil certificate, EPC certificate, and urban development excerpt. In this way, I can provide you in all good conscience with a realistic, achievable and substantiated market value upon which we can base the final sale price together.

In addition to real estate and interior styling, photography is also one of my great passions. I will create a truthful photo report that gives potential buyers a clear and complete picture of your property, without manipulating any images. For this purpose, I also like to give practical tips on how to make your property as attractive as possible through real estate styling.

Based on my experience in interior styling, I would like to share some practical tips with you to make your property even more attractive to potential buyers. I can also temporarily furnish vacant premises, as this helps to win over potential buyers.

The fact that I studied marketing is now very useful to me. I will sell your home through advertisements on this website, external real estate sites, a targeted customer mail-out and in the written press, and this will always be in a targeted way. That is why I always start with a wide-ranging target group definition and a well thought-out marketing plan before I put your property in the spotlight.

Every owner and every property gets my undivided attention, but that also applies to the interested buyers who want to view your property. I like to make time for them as well. Fancy an extra visit with family or friends? With pleasure!

Visitors receive a handy documentation folder with all the info and ground plans, an individual tour and all the time they need.

Tenants and buyers can also count on me for honest and open communication. After all, I am a real estate mediator who guides both you as a seller and the prospective buyer. Even complex negotiations run very effectively thanks to my strong communication skills.

Selling or renting out a house involves a lot of admin. I'll assist you with all that whole paperwork. I draw up the private sale agreement ("the special agreement" as many call it), the rental agreement and possibly also the location description. I then ask both you and the new inhabitant to come and sign everything over a nice cup of coffee in my office.

You can then sleep easy. When I draw up a special agreement, I always have the draft proofread by your notary and by the notary of the buyer.

Selling a house in a slightly higher price range requires the approach to be adapted. But my experience and confidential approach mean you can also count on me for discrete sales of exclusive real estate. I'd be happy to explain to you personally how I take a silent sales approach.

Are you ready to sell your house this way?

Does my approach and vision appeal to you? I would be happy to introduce my service to you without any obligation.

Making your property an appealing sales or rental prospect

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The first impression prospective buyers receive of your property is often decisive. Making your home attractive to the wider public through real estate styling is certainly worthwhile. Your house will be sold faster and at the best possible price!

As a seller or landlord you are often emotionally connected to your home; this means it can be tricky to view your home from the point of view of an outsider. Most of all, you will see all of the beautiful memories you have of the place, while the buyer is more likely to focus on the future and potential of your property. This is a gap I can close for you as a real estate stylist.

From my experience in real estate styling, I will share useful tips & tricks with you that will help you to both optimally present your home and create a warm, homely feeling.

Practical home presentation and decor tips

When you offer your property for sale through ImmoWonen, you don’t have to look very far for professional property styling advice. I have a lot of experience with how to style real estate for the purposes of sales!

At the start of our collaboration, I will give you some practical tips to make your home even more attractive and to maximise its potential. With a few small interventions and a limited budget you can achieve a lot. Making the house more spacious by putting away decorations, books and everyday items is always a good idea. It is also highly recommended that here and there, you add accessories in an eye-catching colour, or that you transform a less frequently used storage space into a functional space. What about having a bunch of fresh flowers on display to create a nice scent in the house?

In addition to these practical tips, I can also provide in-depth and specific interior advice during the entire sales process. All you have to do is ask! I will be your coach from A to Z!

Making a vacant property attractive to prospective buyers and tenants

Not all potential buyers or tenants can imagine an empty property as a habitable and cosy home. You can also count on my experience in this area to make an empty building appealing to the general public. I will decorate the house with temporary furniture and suitable accessories.

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Ready for action?

Wondering what added value property styling can offer in relation to the sale of your property? Just get in touch with us and explore the possibilities. 

How can I help you?

  • Achieve a smooth sale or rental of your property or investment property
  • Property Styling and home presentation and decor will make your property attractive and ready for sale
  • Assistance with the purchase of your future home or an interesting investment property
  • Estimate the possible sales value of your property
  • Mediation in various real estate transactions