Vendor Leuven-Centre

Tinne, you’re unbelievable and a thousand thanks for your work, dedication, friendliness, enthusiasm and pleasure in supporting the sale of our house! - Yvonne, Lode, Hermione and Marjolein

Spacious villa with treatment room

Tinne, thanks again for everything you've done for us, because it wasn't an easy sale. Everything went smoothly and ‘house that didn’t fit a category' was soon sold. This is how I’d describe my experience with you: “a very nice, warm, open and professional approach. Tinne takes care of everything (certificates, councils, decor in the house house, feedback, passing on meter readings, and more) and this is from the very first contact to the sale. She is very pleasant to work with. Highly recommended." - Veronique V - Heverlee Boskant - Leuven

Seller via ImmoWonen: sold within the week at asking price!

For 5 long months I had tried to sell my house myself. But I got nowhere. After Tinne De Lepeleire got involved, my house was sold within 2 days at the asking price! I thought it was a very successful collaboration with ImmoWonen. Tinne is a real professional. She knows her trade and guides the sale in all aspects. She took care of all the necessary documents. The practical tips she gave as a real estate stylist also ensured, of course, that my home was as attractive as possible. I really appreciated her open communication. She was honest and that made me feel good about having chosen to work with this professional. - Ruth Valckenaers - Seller, Wijgmaal - Leuven

Exceptional real estate! Nicely sold within 6 weeks at a super asking price!

The cooperation with Tinne van ImmoWonen was excellent! Tinne does not shy away from a challenge and knows how to present the property in such a way that both the selling and the buying party have a positive feeling about it and foster the correct expectations. Tinne's drive, clarity and openness leads to a smooth sales/purchase process. - Friedl M. - Leuven city centre

Selling and buying through ImmoWonen

Tinne, thank you so much for all the work you've done lately and the nice chats. You are unique in 'the world of real estate agents'! - Greet

Art Deco Villas: investment property and private residence with treatment room

Tinne De Lepeleire, I am going to recommend you to everyone to work with you! Very well done! I would like to thank you for all the professional help you gave us. - Sofie H - Heverlee Boskant - Leuven

Satisfied landlord of apartments

Testimony of the landlord of some apartments in Linden: "Tinne, thank you very much for all the good help, cooperation and advice you’ve provided. We are very satisfied and hope to be able to work again together in the future. Thank you Tinne!" - Marie and Roger Van Goethem - Groot Leuven

Residential property: easily sold within 2 weeks at a very decent price!

Tinne is not a 'small real estate agent' as she imagines herself, but a 'big one' for us, because she communicates openly and spontaneously. She works without staff and she is able to properly assess a property so that it is fair to both the seller and buyer. Thanks to Tinne we also came to understand ‘home presentation and decor and real estate styling', so that’s great. The down side of it all? Our dog was 'not amused' when he had to leave the house every time someone visited... :-) :-) Thanks for the smooth sale! - Anita and Luk - Heverlee - Leuven

Heverlee Boskant

Tinne sold our house in Heverlee (only several weeks after the house was for sale at the right price). Tinne's passion for excellence, her personal approach, her ability to let people feel at ease with the house and her honest but clear feedback, means she is a great professional to hire in the event you have some real estate opportunities! - Piet D. - Heverlee - Leuven

Semi-detached - Sold easily within 2 months

Tinne helped us with the sale of my house in a friendly and professional way. She literally and figuratively took all the work out of my hands and managed the sales. - Albert Bers - Heverlee Kriekenbos - Leuven

Seller with family apartment in Heverlee

The sale of our mum's apartment went a lot smoother with Tinne on board. While we — the five children — were all worrying about everyday life, Tinne took the lead in a subtle yet decisive manner. She collected all of the necessary documents from the local authorities and the trustee. She presented information on a number of websites clearly and professionally. But, above all, she presented the apartment beautifully (both literally and figuratively). The way she organised the decor in the apartment brought about a real metamorphosis and resulted in minor commercial miracles, while managing to ensure everything remained absolutely honest. Last but not least, the her friendly manner in which she welcomed dozens of prospective buyers made a real difference. Without Tinne's services, the sale would have been a small nightmare, a reason for the family to quarrel and, at the very least, a time consuming activity. But now everything has gone smoothly, thanks to Tinne van ImmoWonen. - Guy G. - Heverlee Kriekenbos - Leuven